Welcome to the World of Washington!

World of Washington - or WOW - is for all who live in and around Washington, Georgia. WOW will improve our community by allowing neighbors to communicate and share news more easily.

What can you do with WOW?

Is your dog loose and you need help finding it? Send an email out to WOW and all your neighbors can be on the lookout.

Have an piece of furniture you no longer can use, but it’s still in great shape and someone else could use it? Send an email on WOW for sale or for free for one of your neighbors to pick up.

Need a local teenager to babysit?

Looking for high school student who may want to cut your grass, or rake leaves?

A tree fall on your street knocking out power? Send an email out to WOW to keep let neighbors know why they may be in the dark.

… and hundreds of others. Just send an email to WOW, and all neighbors who are members will get it.

About the Listserve

The WOW Listserve is a great way to allow those living in Washington to subscribe and exchange information about matters of common interest for neighbors and our neighborhoods.

Please read the Listserve Code of Conduct here.

Who may subscribe to this listserve?

See the Eligibility section of the Code of Conduct here.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe to WOW Listserve by following one of the two options below. To prevent others from subscribing you without your permission, you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify your subscription.

You can join in 2 different ways:

Visit: http://lists.worldofwashington.com/mailman/listinfo/WOW


Send an e-mail message to WOW-subscribe@worldofwashington.com. This will autogenerate a response containing instructions you can follow to join.

If you’re having difficulties with your subscription, or if you just have a question, please send an e-mail to wowsupport@worldofwashington.com and volunteer administrators will attend to it as quickly as possible.

How do I communicate with others on the listserve?

To get an email or message out to all your neighbors, write and send an e-mail to wow@worldofwashington.com. Please remember that, unless there is a technical problem with your posting, your e-mail will immediately be sent to all subscribers on the listserv.

You must send your e-mail from the e-mail address you used to subscribe to WOW. If not, the system will not accept it.

How can I change my listserve settings?

To unsubscribe from WOW listserv, get a password reminder, receive the listserve as a daily digest, or change your subscription options visit Member Options.

What are listserve rules?

Please read the WOW listserve Code of Conduct here.

Helpful hints and common technical issues.

Messages you wish to send should be addressed to: wow@worldofwashington.com

Make sure to post only from the address you used when you originally subscribed to the WOW listserve. This is the most common reason e-mails would get rejected. Many have multiple addresses, and may not even realize which e-mail address you are attempting to send from - so always double check this.

When you send to the listserve, make sure that you send your message only to wow@worldofwashington.com

If you include the WOW listserve address in a list of other e-mail addresses, the server will reject it. It’s a spam-filter function.

Messages (including all attachments) can be a maximum of 10MB in size.

This means you cannot send huge photo files or other large documents. This file size limitation is so that you don’t crash the computer systems of other subscribers. If you have a file attachment larger than 10 mb, you will need to reduce the file size before you can send it.

If you file a spam complaint with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about mail you receive as part of the WOW Listserve, your ISP may automatically remove you from any and all listserves you’re subscribed to.

To insure you see e-mails you post to the listserv, please find the section called “Receive your own posts to the list?” in the “Settings” table.

Click on “Yes” and save by clicking on “Submit Your Changes” at the bottom. Please note that this problem isn’t always fixable. If you want to make sure your post went through, check the archives.

There are many other settings that you can update in this “Settings” screen, such as your subscription address and the digest setting. Digest is an option you can choose if you just want to receive one digest e-mail per day rather than multiple e-mails.

Please note that choosing the digest option means that you will not receive time sensitive e-mails, such as lost/found pet notices, items for sale or free, last minute tickets, etc.

To view the collection of prior postings to the listserve, visit the WOW Archives. You must have a password to view the archives. Receive a password reminder by visiting this login page.

You cannot delete a post once you’ve sent it. It is immediately sent to every member of the list-serve e-mail inboxes.

Some may need help with email and computer operations. Please reach out to WOW or neighbors if you’re having any issues joining the listserv.

If changing your subscription address, changing to digest, or other issues are beyond your ability, just let us know. We can do some of those things from our end. If you have any questions or problems, just let us know!

Listserve questions should be directed to: wowhelp@worldofwashington.com